Teaching kids the language of tomorrow

2020-02-27 Schibsted Kids coding camp 2020 PÅ bilden: Foto:Magnus Sandberg

Schibsted wants to give more kids the opportunity to learn the languages of tomorrow. That is why we arrange Kids Coding Camp.

It all started in June 2019 when the atmosphere in our offices in Stockholm and Oslo changed completely – kids aged 8-12 years invaded the buildings, spending a week with us to learn how to code and use coding to solve challenges. This camp was just the first step on an exciting journey, and we started out with inviting our employees’ children. In February 2020 we organized two more camps to which we invited kids with no connection to Schibsted, and this summer we are planning for two more camps with ”Schibsted children”.

”I couldn’t imagine that this was going to be such a success when we started this initiative. We are now planning our fifth and sixth coding camp that will take place in Stockholm and Oslo this summer and we believe that we can make a difference for the future”, says project lead Kamilla Abrahamsen.

She is proud to facilitate an important Schibsted’s initiative: Making sure the next generation is even more tech-savvy and able to navigate through and benefit from new technology than their parents.

Rethinking tech through the kids

In Schibsted, tech is an integrated part of all we do and technology is developing faster than anyone could have anticipated just a few years ago. If we are to take advantage of these new possibilities, we need to teach our kids to master the basics, as well as encourage them to dream big.

Through Kids Coding Camp, Schibsted wants to engage and inspire kids and youths to envision that they can affect the future and that technology can be a tool to find solutions we need when they grow older. And not least, we want to give hope and confidence, in a world with lots of challenges and where kids worry about the future. To address this we also dedicate time to discuss how innovation and tech can help out when it comes to environmental issues.

One of the great things about coding is that it gives the same opportunities to all regardless of gender, social background or other prerequisites. By arranging Kids Coding Camp, Schibsted also wants to lift the importance of equalizing differences and giving people the same opportunities to educate themselves, grow and flourish.

”The “secret code” to securing the best tech-heads for our future is to make sure kids are not held back because of circumstances beyond their control. We want to empower these kids and It’s a human right to have equal opportunities”, says Britt Nilsen, Head of Sustainability at Schibsted)?.

Listen to what the kids thought about the camp – and about girls in tech, below.