“AI can help us create better journalism”

Meet Agnes Stenbom, Data & AI Specialist at Schibsted. She talks about what sort of artificial intelligence we develop within Schibsted and how AI can make the world a better place. Listen to the episode here!

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The Second Hand Effect is a study which shows the environmental benefits that Schibsted and Adevindas users generate by buying and selling second hand goods on their market places. In this episode, we discuss the Second Hand Effect with Kathrine Opshaug Bakke, Head of General Merchandise at FINN, and Eva Okmian Danielsson, responsible for internal communication and sustainability at Blocket. Listen to the episode here!


Salman Eskandari är medgrundare till den populära matte-appen Hej Albert. Han pratar om det goda entreprenörskapet, hur man lär barn att gilla matematik och varför det är angeläget med mångfald på arbetsplatsen. Listen to the episode here!



Knarik Avetisyan is a Security Awareness & Compliance Specialist. In this episode of Schibsted Talks, she explains how to avoid phishing attacks, why Schibsted is paying hackers and what to expect from October, the security awareness month.
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Torgrim Jorfald works as Client Manager at VG. In this episode of Schibsted Talks, he reveals his recipe for success, how he gains his clients’ trust and the size of his rep account. Listen to the episode here!