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We protect our assets

Data is Schibsted’s most essential asset and critical to our business model.
Many of our services are distributed online and maintaining proper cybersecurity is a prerequisite for ensuring the right level of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.
It’s crucial to secure information and data as well as to protect the business from disruption.
The current regulations on collecting and using personal data require information security controls to be implemented by design.

Did you know
Businesses are an increasing target for cybersecurity attacks, and many have been paralysed as a result. Many such attacks are ransomware attacks and are accompanied by requests for ransom from the attackers to decrypt business-critical data that has been “taken hostage” in an attack.

What is Schibsted’s responsibility?

We maintain effective and proportionate security mechanisms to ensure that data assets have the right level of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
Our security capabilities are designed to identify risks, protect our information and data, detect and respond to breaches and attacks, and ensure our ability to recover from any breach or attack.
We have in place adequate control mechanisms for all products, applications, and processes, and we conduct regular tests of backup solutions for all critical assets and on our Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

What is expected of me?

  • Keep your phone, laptop, and apps up to date.
  • Always protect your password and use multifactor authentication (MFA) whenever possible.
  • Never click on suspicious emails or links.
  • Complete your mandatory security awareness training.
  • Be aware of how to detect and report security incidents.
  • Know how to find and use the Security Handbook for security questions.

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