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We do not share or trade on inside information

We comply with the securities laws and stock exchange regulations.
Schibsted employees may receive insider information about Schibsted, listed companies in which Schibsted owns shares and other listed companies that we relate to in business. Sharing insider information with others, who may then make financial transactions based on that information, is considered a violation of our policies and the law.
It’s a personal criminal offence and a violation of our ethical standards to trade shares or other financial instruments based on insider information.

Insider information is any non-public information that is expected to impact the stock price of a company if it was made known to the public, such as financial results not yet disclosed publicly, information about planned mergers and acquisitions, material investments, senior management changes and significant business disruptions or material legal matters.
Insider trading means the trading of shares or other financial instruments, or the incitement of others to trade shares or financial instruments, while in possession of insider information.

What is Schibsted’s responsibility?

We are committed to the proper administration of our financial accounts, and we meet the requirements of financial laws and regulations.
We are required to disclose the company’s results openly and accurately, and to submit financial reports or other statutory public reports.

What is expected of me?

  • Keep insider information confidential and never share with anyone internally or externally unless you have been authorised to do so.
  • Handle insider information with the highest degree of care to ensure it is neither misused nor comes into the possession of others.
  • Do not trade shares or other financial instruments in the company to which the information relates.
  • Never advise or make suggestions about the trading of shares or other financial instruments in the company to which the information relates.
  • Be aware of the business or legal issues that may impact the price of Schibsted stock or that of a business partner or customer.
We may receive or become aware of insider information that could impact the share prices. Some examples of this type of information include the following:
Unpublished information on financial results
Significant acquisition or investments
Business-critical issues or incidents
Other, similar information concerning the company in question.

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