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Letter from CEO

Schibsted is a family of brands, and we share a set of values and principles that guide us whenever we make decisions as a company or find ourselves at a crossroads.

Everything we do as a company reflects these values and principles. Our mission is to empower people in their daily lives. Our vision is to contribute to a society built on trust and transparency. And at our core, we are a fearless force for change. We are inspired by this common purpose and supported by a shared foundation, shared goals and shared principles that unite us. Because of this, we always strive to ensure that Schibsted’s products and services help people make informed choices, live more sustainable lives, and build greater trust among one another.

Just as we have a set of principles that guide us as a company, we have established a set of principles to guide us as individuals. The Schibsted Code of Conduct outlines the norms, responsibilities and proper practices that are expected of us as Schibsted employees, regardless of role, title, brand or location. In short, the Code of Conduct describes how things should be done – and serves as a record of how we can be at our best today and what to strive for in the future.

In the end, it comes down to integrity. Schibsted’s real impact comes from people finding value in our products and services and making our offerings a part of their lives in ways that change how they act, consume and understand the world. For us to keep succeeding, people must continue to place their trust in us and believe in our integrity – as both brands and as people. Doing the right thing is simply good business.

I expect every Schibsted employee to commit to the Code of Conduct and live by it every day. We must follow the uniting principles we have set and continue to amplify our impact. Only then can we achieve our ultimate ambition to truly empower people in their daily lives.

Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO Schibsted