We speak up

We believe that an open and respectful working environment is crucial for our development and success.
A culture in which we all feel comfortable raising our questions and concerns is a prerequisite for creating an environment for our development and success.
When we speak up about concerns regarding behaviours or conditions that are not in line with our Code, we are able to take action and improve the situation.

What and when to report?
If you believe that a behaviour or condition is not in line with our Code or our values, we encourage you to report your reasoned concerns.
If you believe that a behaviour or condition is illegal or can endanger the safety of a person or product, you are expected to speak up.
Questions about or issues with your employment conditions or performance reviews or a personal grievance are generally not considered a report of concern and should be discussed with your manager or your HR contact.

What is Schibsted’s responsibility?

All reported concerns are taken seriously and followed up in a fair and objective manner.
We ensure that no one who reports responsibly (and does so in good faith) will be met with negative reactions.
We have implemented a digital Speak Up channel as a supplement to internal reporting. In this channel, reporting can be done anonymously.
Schibsted’s Speak Up Committee is responsible for conducting an initial assessment of all reported cases and coordinating the follow-up actions.

What is expected of me?

  • Speak up if there is reason to suspect any illegal or unethical conditions.
  • Do so in good faith.
  • The intention should always be to support Schibsted in doing business the right way.
  • While anonymity is always an option, we encourage you to include contact details, when possible, as personal follow-up helps ensure the best possible handling of a report.
Where to report?
Please discuss your concern openly with your line manager.
You can report concerns to one or more of the following: Schibsted’s Legal department, Schibsted’s Group Compliance Officer, Schibsted’s Executive Management or Schibsted’s Speak Up channel

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