Below are additional resources to help you craft inspiring and empowering messages.

About Schibsted

To define what Schibsted is and should aim to be we have an overall strategy and identity. Learn more about what kind of company should Schibsted be in the hearts and minds of our stakeholders.


If you need a boilerplate text about Schibsted you can find it here. (Only for Schibsted employees.)

Schibsted Fonts

Schibsted has a unique typeface, Schibsted Grotesk, that was created especially for our brand. Leran more on how to use it and download it here.

Schibsted Templates

Here you’ll find templates for Schibsted presentations. Here are other useful templates for email signatures etc.


Are you unsure of what a commonly used phrase or abbreviation means? Schibstedpedia is a collaborative Schibsted-specific dictionary made by Schibsted employees.

The Oxford English Dictionary

If you’re ever unsure of the spelling of a word, the Oxford English Dictionary is the go-to source.