Privacy and what it means to you

Person working with a tablet

Schibsted has an important role in society. We are committed to being a trusted digital partner, contributing and sharing best practices within data privacy and security, creating intuitive and seamless solutions that empower our customers.

In Schibsted, we design user-friendly solutions. An important part of this is developing privacy policies and processes that empower our users, while at the same time protecting their data. We also have an important responsibility to form and take part in the global debate around data and privacy.

We believe in being transparent in how we work and have an ongoing dialogue with our customers about what they need. We also have a close dialogue with data protection and other relevant authorities and engage in legislative processes both on a national and international level.

Schibsted as part of a data-driven society

We live in a continuously developing data-driven society. The development of smarter services, homes and cities also means that users of these services contribute with personal data to create seamless experiences that make daily activities easier. Aggregated data are used to personalise your entertainment services such as films, series and music. In the same way, Schibsted uses aggregated data to personalise the services you use for consuming news and searching for jobs, apartments or cars – as well as the ads you see.

We believe our customers are right when they say; “My privacy is your business”. Our customers and users own their personal data. Our main responsibility is to give them good value in return for their data. We need to be transparent and give our users effective ways to control what data we collect and how we use it. This includes creating intuitive and seamless solutions that empower customers when it comes to both understanding and controlling usage of their data. Our customers’ data shall always be safe and secure with us.