Logotype and symbol

Our logotype is based on a friendly and geometric sans-serif font. It has slightly rounded corners to achieve a warm and humanistic tonality.

The pattern integrated within the first letter S symbolises the unifying force of Schibsted, bringing brands and people together. The capital S in our logotype is also our symbol, and can be used as a graphic tool. The symbol should mainly be used in situations when the Schibsted context is already clear.

Our logotype is used in black, placed onto light backgrounds and images, or white used inverted on other dark backgrounds and images. No other colours are allowed. When using the logotype against solid backgrounds – make sure that contrast is good.

Our name is Schibsted

We always strive to use only Schibsted, when we are talking about the company. We should try to see beyond internal needs – whether they concern organisation or location, our name is Schibsted. This is an important part of building and communicating a coherent brand. If we need to specify departments internally, we can use our descriptors.

Remember – you can always describe in text if you need to specify which part of Schibsted you’re from or what you do. So, we’re not Schibsted Sweden (or any other country) – we’re Schibsted in Sweden.

Free space

The logotype’s free space is defined by the height of the symbol. 

Logotype height = X, free space = 100% of X. 

Examples of how not to use the logotyp

Our logotype is our most important asset. It’s a wordmark that makes it clear who is the sender, even in contexts where our company isn’t that well known. Therefore, it’s also important that we use it in a professional and correct way. Below are some example of how not to use it.


The symbol

The capital letter S in the logotype is also a graphic tool – our symbol. It can be used for app icons, on gadgets or scaled up in larger sizes – blind embossed onto stationary or as a watermark on top of images or as window foil. This usage is secondary and mainly reserved for situations when the Schibsted context is already clear.  We use the symbol as a stand-alone and not in combination with the logotype.


Mainly use these main colours, or black or white, for the symbol

Blue 100
HEX→ #020B23
Coated → 2748 C / C100 M95 Y2 K10
Uncoated → 2748 U / C97 M80 Y3 K16

Blue 90
HEX → #061A57
Coated → Reflex Blue C / C100 M89 Y0 K0
Uncoated → Reflex Blue U / C92 M70 Y0 K0

Blue 60
HEX → #264BC5
Coated → 2728 C/  C90 M68 Y0 K0
Uncoated → 2728 U / C72 M52 Y0 K0

Red 100
HEX → #FF716B
Coated → 1785 C / C0 M76 Y54 K0
Uncoated → 1785U / C0 M66 Y48 K0


Free space

The symbol’s free space is defined by the width of the symbol. Symbol width = X and free space = 50% of X. 

Examples of how not to use the symbol

Just like with the logotype we should make sure we use the symbol in the right way.


Download logotype here

Download symbol here

Download animations here