Our typeface

Schibsted has a unique typeface, Schibsted Grotesk, that was created especially for our brand. Taking visual cues from Schibsted’s proud history of printed media as well as our pioneering digital nature, Schibsted Grotesk was designed to become an active tool that empowers brand ambassadors and inspires internal and external audiences.

Whenever you are communicating on behalf of Schibsted in the written word, you should use Schibsted Grotesk. To do so, you need to download the font to your desktop and install it. In some cases, it’s not yet possible to apply the font – like in Google tools. We are working on getting this in place. Meanwhile, we use Arial as a replacement font, when needed.

Download font

To install a font on your Mac: Drag the font file to the font book window or double-click the font file in Finder, then click Install in the dialogue that appears.

To install a font on your pc: Right-click the fonts you want, and click Install.

Deep dive into the Schibsted Grotesk story

Schibsted Grotesk covers 220 languages, with a character set of 496 glyphs and twelve styles. It was conceived with variable font technology across six weight axes with matching italics, with optimized hinting for the digital space.


The heaviest weights are for really strong messages like impactful quotes in presentations or messages on large screens/printed products. Use italics with care. A regular text is best conveyed in normal text. A lot of bold or italic words will only distract the reader. The regular weight will support most normal needs. Follow the hierarchy below for text crafting.






Scaling typography in digital products and platforms

We follow Material 3’s group and size convention in order to offer a less rigid structure, giving designers the freedom to relate the visual hierarchy of the UI with the products at hand. The typographic scale focuses on the rhythm across 15 different size steps, using a 1:1.2 interval (Minor Third) with a base size of 18.5 points.

Style groups and font sizes

Small →  10.7px
• Medium → 12.8px
• Large → 15.4px

• Small → 18.5px
• Medium →  22.2px
• Large → 26.6px

• Small → 32px
• Medium → 38.4px
• Large → 46px

• Small → 55.2px
• Medium → 66.3px
• Large → 79.5px

• Small → 95.5px
• Medium → 114.5px
• Large → 137.5px

Languages support

The character set is based on the Underware Latin Plus definitions for language support, providing the least number of characters possible while at the same time supporting the largest number of languages possible. It includes punctuation to support all Nordic and western European languages written in latin script.



Special glyphs

The character set includes a circled number and arrow kit.