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Diversity, inclusion and belonging

We empower all kinds of people in their daily lives.

Schibsted’s stance for DIB

Schibsted’s ability to tap into society to understand the needs of customers will have a big impact on our growth. By empowering ourselves with a better understanding of customer groups in a diverse society, we can change the way we think, work and innovate. We can create products and services that the clients didn’t know they needed, for groups of clients we didn’t know existed. This requires a workforce with a diverse mindset that contributes with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.

No human left behind

We want to play an active role in shaping the future. We believe that a good place to start is to include every single human in our workplace, in our products and services, and in our society. That's why our mission is: no human left behind. To be relevant for the majority of our diverse societies, we need All our people to reach an acceptable level of diversity competence. They need to strengthen their ability to meet individuals and groups with different values than their own, their flexibility to set their reality aside to understand others' reality, or their ability to see a situation from different angles - from the dominant and non-dominant perspectives.

Schibsted’s reserves to be more inclusive

With an increased range of diversity in a team, comes a wider range of perspectives, ways of thinking and behaviours. This challenges norms, worldviews, attitudes, languages, systems and practices at large. Our seven pillars are our main principles. With these seven tools, we build the Schibsted DIB competence and culture.

Diversity and inclusion are the processes – belonging is the goal

Diversity is all the differences and similarities that make us unique as individuals. Inclusion is our ability to see and manage those differences and make everyone feel involved and valued – so that you feel safe to use your voice. Belonging is a place where you feel safe to bring your whole and true self.

Why groupthink is bad for business with Sumeet Singh Patpatia, Head of DIB.

His aim is to make his newly created role obsolete and to make Schibsted the world’s best workplace when it comes to being different. Sumeet Singh Patpatia is Schibsted’s Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

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Why diversity is a competitive advantage

Listen to how Schibsted has started to work with a DIB agenda - and why it is important, in this podcast episode with Sumeet Singh Patpatia, Head of DIB, and Britt Nilsen, Head of Sustainability.

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