Schibsted is deeply embedded in the daily lives of consumers in the Nordic region. Every week Schibsted reaches 79 percent of consumers in Norway and 82 percent in Sweden, contributing to the everyday lives of millions of users in these markets.

Over the past two decades, Schibsted has transformed from a newspaper holding company into a large online media company. Schibsted has a proven track record of leveraging its consumer relations and forward-looking mindset to incubate and develop new business models with international potential to the benefit of shareholders, society, customers and employees. Finn, Blocket, Leboncoin, OLX in Brazil and – recently – Lendo are great examples of this. Positioned in one of the world’s most dynamic regions in terms of digital services, the company will continue to be on the forefront of innovation and structural growth.

Schibsted will continue to deepen its customer relationships through its leading consumer brands and leverage its ability to collect and process data to develop its consumer and advertising offerings. We will build on the combined forces of Finn/Blocket/Tori, personal finance-assets like Lendo, and the publishing activities, and believe developing these assets closely coordinated is the best way to maximize the potential of each one of them. As an integral part of this move, the company’s special dedication to developing, independent and trusted editorial content will prevail.

After the transaction, Schibsted ASA will consist of the following clusters of assets:

  • Publishing – VG, Aftenposten, Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet and other regional and local news organizations in Norway: Leading, agenda-setting news organizations with well developed digital products and revenue models.
  • Classifieds –, and – the clear leaders in digital marketplaces in the Nordics with deeply entrenched market positions in verticals, generalist marketplaces and adjacent business areas. Finn and Blocket will maintain a close relationship with Adevinta in order to exchange best practice and share product development in relevant areas.
  • Personal Finance – Lendo, Bynk, Hypoteket and other operations within personal finance and fintech, with international potential
  • New growth initiatives – Prisjakt, Let’s Deal and other existing and new digital services aiming to disrupt existing markets.
  • A significant active ownership stake in Adevinta.


Kristin Skogen Lund appointed new CEO of Schibsted

“I am very happy to welcome Kristin Skogen Lund as Schibsted’s new CEO. I am convinced that she is just the right leader for the next phase of Schibsted’s journey,” Chair of the Schibsted Board Ole Jacob Sunde says.

Kristin Skogen Lund has worked for Schibsted for twelve years until 2010 when she became EVP at Telenor with the responsibility for Telenor Nordic, a business with a turnover of EUR 6 billion. She was an important contributor to Telenor’s digital transformation, initiating and leading Telenor Digital Services. For the last six years, she has been a skillful and prominent leader of the Norwegian Business Confederation of Enterprise. During this period, she served on the Board of Ericsson, the Swedish technology company.

Kristin Skogen Lund, Photo: Aksel Jermstad

“Schibsted is an impressive company with an important role in society. A company that has tackled demanding transformations, and that truly has innovation as a key pillar in its DNA. I am proud and humble to have the opportunity to help Schibsted build on its already strong positions, and equip the two companies for the future,” says Kristin Skogen Lund.

Kristin Skogen Lund joined Schibsted 1 December 2018.