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Published 2023-12-05

A deep dive into the future and AI with Schibsted Future Report 2024

In the tenth edition of Schibsted’s annual outlook on trends within tech, business and people we explore AI and how it might affect our lives, businesses and society. We also look back in history to understand how and why technology has led us to where we are today.

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Schibsted Future Report, it’s only natural to reflect upon the myriad of transformative events and innovations that have changed the digital landscape, and the way we view the world. In this year’s report, we look into how AI will shape the future of journalism and content creation and how this will affect the way we consume and produce news. We tell the story about how our marketplaces have sustainability at their very core and what happens when brands go dark and – will climate change reset capitalism? 

“Amid the dizzying pace of technological and societal change, a singular truth remains: the undeniable need for high-quality and trusted actors in society. This axiom holds particularly true in the world of news media, journalism, online marketplaces and digital services – the very core of Schibsted’s operations,” says Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO at Schibsted.

“Trust doesn’t sustain itself, and that’s where Schibsted can truly make an impact. We are committed to working for societies based on trust and transparency and we embrace the opportunities of technological change – always. This serves as a good reminder that while our world keeps evolving, we remain true to our purpose. We embrace the new, the novel, and the next big thing, but we do so with a commitment to quality and trust,” she continues.

For ten years, the Schibsted Future Report has looked into the future to foresee trends within tech, people and business. And we promise that this year’s report will ensure new exciting perspectives and insight for years to come. We also look back in time to see what happened with the trends we have spotted during the years. 

The Schibsted Future Report presents Key Trends 2024

Today, we launch the freshly brewed report at the startup community Mesh in Oslo, where we will host an assortment of Schibsted people to share their knowledge on working within innovation.

These are some key reads that you will find in this year’s report:

For more information:

Contact information:

Ann Axelsson, Editor-in-Chief Future Report, Schibsted, ann.axelsson@schibsted.com / +46 70 635 65 13
Nathalie Kåvin, Head of Corporate Brand, Schibsted,  nathalie.kavin@schibsted.com / +47 934 01 363