Published 2014-11-12

Adam Kinney new Head of Data Science in Schibsted Media Group

Schibsted is ramping up its efforts on data analytics. Adam Kinney joins the Group from Twitter, to further build and lead data science.

As Head of Data Science Adam Kinney will be key in creating insights and data-driven products that will benefit all the companies and brands in Schibsted Media Group.

Kinney has a background in data science and analytics at top technology companies. He began his career working on Google’s core search product, making important contributions to search ranking and index quality.

Afterwards he joined Twitter’s Analytics group to build and lead the Advanced Analysis team, with the mission to leverage Twitter’s massive data set to drive understanding of users and inform product strategy. During his time at Twitter, Kinney led the development of data science models in the areas of user growth, user retention and engagement, and social interaction, eventually assuming leadership of Twitter’s Analytics group.

“I have a passion for using data to build great products that users love. I am thrilled to be joining Schibsted because it combines a very large global audience of users with a remarkable collection of digital products and services, which generate a wealth of unique data. I am very excited to help Schibsted create innovative data-driven products and experiences,” says Kinney.

“We are all very excited that Adam is joining Schibsted. There is a lot of potential in Schibsted that can be unlocked with more analytics and with the help of data science. Adam brings a wealth of experience in building and leading data science teams and engineers in delivering great insights and superior data-driven products. Moreover, his experience with Twitter adds a deep understanding of the tech-driven media world and its trends and opportunities. Adam joining will greatly contribute to the success of our digital transformation,” says Edoardo Jacucci, VP Strategy & Data Analytics in Schibsted Media Group.

For more information:
Edoardo Jacucci, VP Strategy & Data Analytics, Schibsted Media Group
Mobil: +47 9413 3119