Published 2013-11-25

Aftenposten marks removal of the print–online barrier with new editorial products

Today Aftenposten is removing the barrier between its print and online products. Readers can now access all content in digital format and enjoy several new editorial products.

Norway’s leading print newspaper is undertaking a major digital transformation. From today, Aftenposten will no longer exclude some of the content in its print edition or A-magasinet from digital publication. Aftenposten subscribers will now have access to all content – including digital content – all week. They will also be able to search and read everything published by Aftenposten during the past 153 years.

Access by non-subscribers will be limited to eight articles a week.

At the same time, Aftenposten is launching several new high-quality products in both its online and mobile editions:

• VITEN: Interesting research articles, in direct cooperation with the researchers.

• ANBEFALT: Aftenposten’s editors highlight and recommend the best of Aftenposten’s content.

• DEBATT: A strengthened digital debate forum offering readers a range of interesting debates in which they can also get engaged. We are also launching new debate formats.

• INNSIKT: Aftenposten’s Innsikt will be an even better offering in terms of content, topical interest and presentation.

Aftenposten’s 200,000 subscribers will also enjoy other digital benefits:

• Access to the next day’s morning edition at 22.00 every evening via Aftenposten’s iPad app

• Access to Aftenposten’s daily online newspaper for mobile, tablet and PC/Mac

• Free access to search and read all editions of Aftenposten for the past 153 years on PC/Mac and tablet

• Save articles in their account to revisit later

• Follow specific journalists/commentators and receive alerts via e-mail or mobile app when new articles are published

• Follow major news stories in the same way

• Give other family members access to their subscription

Aftenposten will be the first newspaper in Norway to use a meter model, where all content is accessible via online and mobile platforms but where free access by non-subscribers is limited to eight articles per week.

Non-subscribers will not have access to Aftenposten’s or A-magasinet’s iPad editions, PDF editions or archives, nor will they be able to receive alerts about specific news stories or journalists or save articles in reading lists.

Aftenposten launched its first website as early as in 1995. Like most media houses, it has experienced dramatic growth in digital readership in recent years. It has also managed to stem the decline in circulation and is now Norway’s leading print newspaper. Aftenposten’s digital readership figures exceeded those for its print readership as early as June 2011. A significant portion of Aftenposten’s online and mobile readers live outside the newspaper’s traditional coverage area of Oslo and Greater Oslo.

Aftenposten has a daily readership of over 1.3 million (all channels). The mobile edition has the largest readership, but the online edition is showing significant growth. Print circulation is just over 225,000, and daily readership is just over 653,000. Daily readership is 838,000 for the online edition and 298,000 for the mobile edition (Forbruker & Media’s most recent survey).