Published 2015-10-06

Aftenposten unites Norwegian magazine publishers in joint streaming service

A group of Norwegian magazine publishers are cooperating to provide the new streaming service MAGASIN+, offering readers access to over 20 magazine titles.

The Magasin+ project, which was initiated by Aftenposten, includes the publishing companies Norsk Maritimt Forlag (Båtliv, Seilas, Seilmagasinet and Båtguiden) and Fri Flyt (UTE, Klatring, Terrengsykkel, Landevei, Fri Flyt and Playboard). The following titles from Aftenposten Forlag are included in the app: Aftenposten Innsikt, Bake, Aftenposten Historie, Hyttemagasinet, Aftenposten Oppvekst, Mat fra Norge, Aftenposten Junior, Aftenposten K, A-magasinet and Mamma. MAGASIN+ will therefore offer 20 titles, and more will be added during the course of this year.

“We have developed a platform that facilitates cooperation between companies and publishers whereby new titles can be implemented in the solution relatively easily so that we can focus on giving MAGASIN+ subscribers best possible value for their money,” says Publishing Director Andreas Finborud in Aftenposten.

“We invite all publishers of independent quality journalism in magazine format to join this project. Our contribution is a technology platform and a marketplace where publishers can reach new readers and consolidate their business model. Based on the market strength of Aftenposten, Fri Flyt, Norsk Maritimt Forlag and new partners, each and every one of us will reach new target groups and increase our readership,” adds Finborud.

MAGASIN+ is based on the all-you-can-read principle, whereby subscribers are given access not only to the latest edition but to all previous editions. More than 2,500 magazines are included in the subscription, and new ones will be added weekly.

“The archive’s search function offers significant benefits to readers; for example, they can search for consumer tests on boats in Båtliv/Seilmagasinet or on skis/bikes in Fri Flyt/Terrengsykkel, or for historical events in Aftenposten Historie, and so on,” says Finborud.

“Fri Flyt’s titles enjoy strong positions in print and online, and MAGASIN+ adds another string to our bow. We will reach new readers with our journalism and gain new insights into this method of content distribution. Cooperating with other quality publishers provides us with significant economies of scale,” says Audun Holmøy Røhrt, General Manager in Fri Flyt Forlag.

“People are not reading less than before, and there will always be a market for quality content. We’re delighted to be associated with such great magazines. There’s a lot of inspiring reading gathered in one place for the enjoyment of anyone who likes reading, and the service is supported by powerful and professional marketing,” says Ole Henrik Nissen-Lie in Norsk Maritimt Forlag.

“One of the advantages of digital magazines is that you get access to all content, provided you have mobile or internet access. If you don’t have this access, for example at a cabin, you can download the magazines before leaving home. This means that MAGASIN+ offers greater benefits than other solutions that require permanent internet access.”