Published 2015-02-03

Aftonbladet and Knorr conduct Sweden’s first physical retargeting campaign

People visiting a food truck later received offers on their mobile phones from the German food and beverage brand Knorr.

In November, the Knorr Food Truck gave away hot soup to freezing customers in Stockholm’s inner city. Those who had downloaded Aftonbladet’s mobile app to their smartphone later received customized offers via the app in the form of coupons for free soup samples, only this time in a grocery store of their choice.

“We continue to take advantage of the mobile phone’s unique properties to create new opportunities for our advertisers. This is yet another step towards realizing our ambition to constantly offer our customers better products,” says Johan Åsén, Product Director in Schibsted Sales & Inventory.

“This is an excellent way of capturing consumers who show an interest in our products. It’s important to Knorr to be one step ahead and to try out new ways of establishing direct relationships with its customers,” says Karin Schenström, Nordic Marketing Manager in Knorr.

How it works

The retargeting campaign was made possible by using Bluetooth sensors, or so-called beacons. The beacons identify when users have installed the Aftonbladet app, and customizes and sends special deals to them later.

 The technology was supplied by Glimr, which collaborates with Schibsted in a development project. Mindshare also took part in the working group for the retargeting campaign.

“It’s great that Knorr is prepared to try out an innovation solution that connects offline activities with online ones in such a unique way. We believe it holds a lot of potential, and it aligns well with Knorr’s ambition of becoming a more contemporary brand,” says Jannike Åkerlind, Mindshare.

See the video about the campaign