Published 2015-11-03

Avito attracts new talent in Morocco

Avito’s new employer branding video aiming to position the company as one of the best places to work in Morocco has received a lot of positive attention.

As a part of a global HR strategy a two minute long engaging film that illustrates everyday life at was launched recently. 

The video is an invitation to be part of the work day of one of the 60 women and men who run Morocco’s biggest classified marketplace, managing more than 4 million monthly visitors and 20,000 new ads per day. They live each project as a family, as they work and enjoy their time together in a pleasant environment driven by values such as support, trust, diversity, sharing and – caring.  

“We wanted to share with the Moroccan job market what we consider as the perfect place to work and how we try to make it so every day for our team. We believe that such a work environment helps foster our creativity and productivity, by encouraging everybody to give their very best,” says CEO Larbi Alaoui Belrhiti.

The video has been quite successful. Displayed on three main platforms – Facebook, Youtube & the’s own website – it received more than 66,000 views in the first three weeks. 

“Being a rapidly expanding company, we are always looking for that rare ‘gem’ who we would like to welcome in our dynamic team. The ultimate aim of this video is to attract the best talents in the market,” explains Nadia Bouimama, HR Manager in Avito.

The video is just one of many initiatives launched to promote’s employer branding, and its positive impact has already been noticed on different levels.

“The visits to the HR section on our website progressed considerably, and more people get in touch via our social media platforms to ask about job opportunities. We noticed that highly qualified candidates are ready to leave their jobs in some of Morocco’s biggest companies to join our start-up,” says Mohamed Ali Ghassani, Content & PR Manager in Avito.