Published 2014-05-21

Blocket receives Animal Welfare Organisation Honourable Mention

Blocket’s work for safe animal trade was recognized last week at the national congress of the Swedish Animal Welfare Organisation (Djurskyddet).

At Blocket, the priority is not to maximize the number of animal ads but instead to ensure that the deal is nice for all parties involved – buyers, sellers, and the actual animal.

Blocket has in the last year, in close collaboration with The Animal Welfare Organisation, developed advices tailored to different kinds of animals sold at Blocket. Blocket has also introduced lowest price limits to prevent unconsidered purchases.

Blocket has worked for many years in order to make trading of animals on Blocket safe both for animals and animal owners. In collaboration with the Animal Welfare Organisation Blocket has upped the work further and will not allow the sale of cats for less than 500 SEK or dogs for less than 1000 SEK. Lowest price limits give direct consequences of reduced numbers of unpremeditated purchases and also sends signals that all animals have a value.

“Since we started our collaboration about a year ago, Blocket has implemented several features to increase safety for both animals and animal owners. If you follow the advices from Blocket, it is an excellent platform for buying and selling animals,” says Åsa Hagelstedt , General Secretary of the Animal Welfare Organisation in Sweden. The Animal Welfare Organisation also places listings on Blocket to find homes for homeless cats and dogs

“When we contacted the Animal Welfare Organisation over a year ago, we realized that there were several things to develop on Blocket regarding animal listings. The Animal Welfare Organisation has been able to help us with expertise in advices and rules on our site that is specifically tailored to different types of animals,” says Thomas Bäcker, Head of Customer Security at Blocket and owner of the cat Elvis.

The Animal Welfare Organization motivation:

On Blocket you will find lots of possibilities to become a pet owner and for many, it is the obvious place to look for a new pet. Unfortunately there are also unserious buyers and sellers online, which has worried us animal lovers. Blocket has taken the concerns seriously do everything in their power to prevent disreputable trade of animals.

By introducing the ban on the sale of imported dogs, lowest price limits for cats and other animals as well as to refer to laws, rules and information about animal, Blocket helps to raise the animals status as well as increase the likelihood that the animals end up in safe homes.

For this Blocket is assigned The Animal Welfare Organisation (Djurskyddet) honourable mention in 2014.