Published 2014-11-25

Blocket wins Brand Builder of the Year Award

Adding new values and associations to their original brand, Blocket’s long-term environmental and branding efforts are paying off.

Last week Blocket was called to the stage in the city hall in Stockholm along with its PR agency Jung Relations and its CSR consultant Ethos International to receive the prestigious Brand Builder of the Year Award in the Spinn PR competition.

In close competition with several big brands such as Carlsberg and KTH, the jury selected Blocket’s campaign ‘Blocket för miljön’ (Blocket for the environment) as this year’s winner. Spinn is arranged by Precis, Sweden’s PR industry association.

The jury’s citation:

This year’s brand builders take an already strong brand a giant step forward by adding new values and associations to the original one.

This summer and autumn Blocket has been raising awareness among Swedes about the environmental benefits of buying and selling second-hand. The campaign was launched on Overshoot Day, 19 August, in a native ad campaign entitled Tillsammans gör vi skillnad (Together we make a difference) and followed up by advertising films Tack för att du köper & säljer begagnat (Thanks for buying and selling second-hand and most recently Begagnatutmaningen (The second-hand challenge).

Blocket’s focus on CSR and climate benefits of second-hand trading

“This award acknowledges the fact that our long-term environmental and branding efforts have paid off, and we now look forward to taking the next step. Our long-term goal is to continue to inspire the people of Sweden to buy and sell second-hand and do the environment a favor at the same time,” says Anna Backe, Head of Marketing at Blocket.