Published 2015-02-03

BT’s new interior design website

Bonansa features news about everything related to your home, such as developments in the real estate market, or interior, design and housing tips.

Bonansa will offer good and enjoyable journalistic coverage of homes and interior design. For many people, buying a home is the biggest investment they make, and once they finally decide settle down and buy a home, they want to decide how they want to live in it. We hope that Bonansa will inspire and inform our readers,” says Gard Steiro, Editor-in-Chief of Bergens Tidende.

Experts and regular feature writers

On Friday, only three hours after Bonansa was launched, the site had notched up more than 20,000 viewings. By Tuesday, this figure had increased to 112,000 unique users and 225,000 page views.  BT’s product director Tor Olav Mørseth is pleased.

“It takes time to build a new website, and we’ve got off to a good start. We don’t want to entice readers with clickbait; we have to deliver good content consistently. Our goal is to create the country’s best online site for home and interior design journalism. And we’re confident that we will succeed.”

In addition to producing its own articles, Bonansa has allied itself with a range of experts and regular feature writers in legal issues, finance, design, and trends.
Bonansa will also be a property news site. It will cover current developments in areas such as property price trends and interest rates.

“We also want to tell good stories about everyday life and how people live in their homes,” says Linn Gjerstad, product owner for Bonansa.

Although Bonansa is focused on Bergen, Gjerstad believes that much of the content will interest readers from all over the country.

“We want to engage, surprise, and to have a feel-good flavor. Bonansa should be helpful, full of great tips and ideas, and inspiring. Our content should be bright and breezy but not flimsy. We want to help consumers, and we will listen to our readers’ wants and needs,” says Gjerstad.

New commercial opportunities

According to Steiro, Bonansa will be trying out new advertising formats.

“First and foremost, Bonanza is an editorial project, but it will also carry advertisements, like our print newspaper. We want to try out new advertising formats that are specially adapted to online and mobile platforms. Bonansa will also create new opportunities for commercial actors in the property market,” says Steiro.