Published 2014-11-11

Christian Printzell Halvorsen joins Schibsted’s Group Management Team

Christian Printzell Halvorsen is stepping down as CEO of to take up his new role as Chief Product Officer in Schibsted Classified Media. He will also join Schibsted’s Group Management Team.

Christian Printzell Halvorsen (40) has been CEO of since the autumn of 2009, prior to which he was the company’s Vice President Strategy and Product Development. Halvorsen is a graduate of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. His new job will give him overall product responsibility for all of Schibsted’s digital marketplaces.

“Christian has done an excellent job in He has led the company through a period characterized by major digital transformations and strong growth. Under his leadership, the company has distinguished itself through its steady pace of innovation and good results. Christian is a driving force behind the work on developing the next generation of digital marketplaces. This is a crucial area for Schibsted Media Group, and Christian’s expertise in digital products and marketplaces will strengthen the Group Management Team,” says Schibsted’s CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

“I leave with mixed feelings; the past few years have been the most fun I’ve had in my professional career, no doubt about that. We’ve pulled through some major changes thanks to a strong sense of solidarity and the efforts of so many talented people. I’m going to miss the culture and people in FINN. Having said that, I’m now looking forward to gaining a global perspective of Schibsted’s future development. Those who know me know that I’m passionate about innovation and product development, so having the chance to work on all Schibsted’s marketplaces is like a dream come true. I see a lot of potential for closer cooperation across national borders to speed up the pace of innovation and deliver even better services to our users and customers,” says Christian Printzell Halvorsen.

Closer integration with Schibsted Classified Media

From now on will report to Schibsted Classified Media (SCM) and be more closely integrated with the rest of Schibsted’s classifieds companies around the world.

“The goal is to create an even stronger and more unified product strategy in Schibsted Classified Media. Integrating like this will enable us to cooperate more closely on product development and technology. It will also make us better organized in terms of knowledge transfer between different companies and countries. In a global market characterized by competition from international giants, we must work together as one strong team to make the best possible use of our resources,” says Terje Seljeseth, CEO of SCM.

In his new position as Chief Product Officer, Christian Printzell Halvorsen will be a member of SCM’s management team and will report directly to Terje Seljeseth. He will also join Schibsted’s Group Management Team.

As a result of the change in the reporting line for, Terje Seljeseth will replace Didrik Munch as board chair of the company. Both Munch and Schibsted’s CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal will continue to sit on’s board.

Close ties to Schibsted Norge will continue previously reported to Schibsted Norge. Along with companies like Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Fædrelandsvennen, Stavanger Aftenblad and VG, FINN is a vital component in Schibsted’s ecosystem in Norway. The ties to the Norwegian operation will therefore continue to be close on the commercial side; for one thing,’s inventory of display advertisements will be part of Schibsted Norge’s advertising sales offering. The new head of FINN will be a permanent member of Schibsted Norge’s Group Management Team.

Recruitment of a new CEO for, which will be an internal process in FINN and Schibsted, will begin immediately, and will be conducted by a committee appointed by the board, one of the members of which will be an employee representative. The committee will be led by the company’s new chair, Terje Seljeseth.

Christian Printzell Halvorsen will continue in his position until further notice. The company’s strategy is well established and no significant changes in are otherwise planned.

For more information:

  • Christian Printzell Halvorsen: mobile: +47 992 29 546.
  • Terje Seljeseth, CEO, Schibsted Classified Media: mobile: +47 916 01 050
  • Didrik Munch, CEO, Schibsted Norge: mobile: +47 915 85 940