Published 2013-10-15

Espen Egil Hansen Aftenposten’s new Editor-in-Chief

Espen Egil Hansen (48) has been appointed Aftenposten’s new Editor-in-Chief, succeeding Hilde Haugsgjerd. Hansen is currently Digital Editor in VG. He will take up his new position on 2 December.

“Espen might be the editor in Norway with the best overview and most knowledge about the changes that the media industry is facing right now. He is an experienced publisher who understands the vital role that Aftenposten should have in Norwegian society. I am convinced that he will be a visible leader who will contribute to further development of Aftenposten. Espen is a very inspiring person who’s exiting to work with, and he will now play a central role in Schibsted Norge’s editorial community,” says Didrik Munch, Chairman of Aftenposten.


Espen Egil started in VG in 1991, where he was photographer and news manager before he was hired as editorial manager and then editor and editor-in-chief of VG Multimedia AS. As of 2011 he has been Digital Editor of VG’s joint media house. Espen Egil has also been on the board of several editorial organizations, and is currently the chairman of E24 and a board member of International News Media Association.


“I have accepted this job with great pleasure and a true wish to bring Aftenposten’s journalism and publishing traditions safely into the future. I am convinced of Aftenposten’s unique position as a leading newspaper in Norway, and we will keep building on this position. I associate Aftenposten with words such as quality, significance, depth and good storytelling,” says Espen Egil Hansen.


Espen holds a clear vision of the main challenges that Aftenposten will face in the time to come:


“Both the readers and the advertiser have already chosen direction. We are in the middle of the most remarkable transformation in the history of media. Reader habits, business models, competition, technology, communication – everything is changing at an incredible pace and force. Therefore, the development of the print newspaper has to continue its modernization process, for the readers who are loyal, engaged and expect a lot of us. At the same time, Aftenposten’s digital position has to be strengthened. We have to be successful at developing business models that will provide a sustainable economy, also in a digital media landscape. Schibsted Media Group’s ambition is to develop world class digital media houses. That’s a goal I pretend to take literally. Aftenposten shouldn’t just look to the best, we shall be among the absolute best,” Espen Egil emphasizes.


Espen Egil Hansen is partner with Per Eigil Schwab, Department Director in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.