Published 2015-09-21

Finn Blink: A next level product

One of the finalists for Schibsted Innovation Awards this year, Finn Blink is a new product that uses behavioral data to create job recommendations.

We know that a lot of people are interested in changing jobs if a better opportunity arises, but they are not willing to spend a lot of effort searching for it.

“By using behavior data from the past and present to find relevant jobs and then distribute the ad to where the candidate is, using the Schibsted eco system in Norway, we hope that Blink can contribute to solving this problem and truly empower people in their daily life,” says Fredrik Schjold, Product Manager in FINN Jobb (FINN Job).

Blink was one of five projects that were nominated for the Schibsted Innovation Award this year. 

Finn Real Estate next up

Blink is a great example of the next level products we will be making more of. It takes advantage of two of Schibsted Media Group’s core strengths; great user insight and massive opportunities for distribution.

In the near future the Blink technology will be applied to other market places as well, starting with FINN Eiendom (FINN Real Estate).

“The Blink innovation has been a huge collaboration effort throughout the whole of FINN. People from the areas of tech, business development, project, marketing, analytics, design and sales have contributed to this innovation,” says Schjold.