Published 2014-05-08

Google Tech executive joins Schibsted

Rian Liebenberg joins Schibsted Media Group in the capacity of Group CTO to create a scalable product organization which will benefit all of Schibsted’s companies and brands.

With a background as top tech executive in Google and CEO of start-up Recce, Rian brings a unique experience, highly valuable knowledge and strong technology product leadership to Schibsted. Leading the development of world class technology platforms and product solutions across Schibsted’s international publishing, classified, and advertising businesses, Rian will help accelerate Schibsted’s forceful digital transformation.

Rian Liebenberg has an extensive background in highly scalable, innovative and disruptive businesses and products. Working with diverse companies from the earliest days of the web –including innovative early stage startups and web pioneers such as he oversaw engineering, to leading the work of organizations such as Google establish R&D & Product presence in Europe. During his time at Google, Rian not only led the work to establish R&D and Product presence in Europe, but he also directly led and helped build and scale up many of Google’s core products, including Chrome’s WebRTC Web standards initiative, Hangout, gTalk, Adsense, among other initiatives.

“I have a strong passion for building products that help make the world a better place, and making large amounts of disparate data and knowledge around the world usable and useful. Schibsted is uniquely positioned to offer an abundance of interesting challenges in this space, in a global market, and I’m excited at the prospect of helping the Group and their companies lead the way in digital content and services,” says Rian Liebenberg, new Group CTO in Schibsted Media Group.

“We’re very excited to have Rian onboard and are looking forward to his leadership helping Schibsted build unrivalled technology and data-driven products. Rian is not only a world class tech executive, he is also a proven entrepreneur and visionary leader who will bring unique experience, strong competence and inspiring drive to Schibsted’s digital transformation” says Frode Eilertsen, Executive Vice President Strategy and Digital Transformation.