Published 2021-11-05

How is Digital News related to Environmental Footprint?

Find out from Markus Ahlberg, our Head of Sustainable Business Development in this TEDx Skift.


As more and more of our time is spent online, the consumption of digital products has increased. Compared with the consumption of physical goods, digital consumption is rarely seen as having an environmental burden.

But is that really true? What do we actually know about it? And are there possibilities for innovation?

To answer these questions, Markus talks us through these topics:

Designed by world-leading researchers at the University of Bristol, Dimpact aims to support digital media companies in understanding their environmental impact.
Value Chain
Hear about some main characteristics of a digital value chain, with examples of how the environmental performance of digital products can be improved.
There are some actions that lie within the organization’s control, such as:

  • Product Design Principles – smarter decision-making with the environment as an evaluation criteria
  • Nudging user behaviour – how can we make it easier for users to minimize their energy use?
  • Optimize data transfer – being conscious about the data we distribute – is it necessary and does it add value to the users?

Tune in to find out more!