Published 2013-09-26

Increased readership for the media houses

The digital transformation in Schibsted Media Group’s Norwegian media houses continues, showing strong growth in both mobile and online platforms.We now have more readers than ever before.

New figures from TNS Gallup show strong growth in both mobile and online platforms.  TNS Gallup’s Consumer & Media survey also shows that the decline in readership figures for print products has now been halved.

Explosive growth on mobile platforms

Schibsted’s Norwegian media houses are experiencing dramatic growth on their digital platforms. In the course of one year, VG mobile has grown from 621,000 to 970,000 readers daily. During the same period VG online has grown by almost 150,000 readers and can now report a daily readership of 1,943,000.

“Previously we had news gaps during certain periods of the day. We’ve had radio, newspapers, and online in the morning, online and TV at lunchtime, and online in the evening. Now, all those gaps are being filled by our mobile platforms. We now have access to news 24 hours a day,” says Torry Pedersen, VG’s publisher.

Aftenposten is also experiencing strong growth in its mobile platforms. Since last fall, the readership figures for mobile have increased from 190,000 to 297,000. can also report strong growth since last year, from 710,000  to 783,000. Aftenposten’s print version has also done well, increasing its readership from 610,000 last year to an impressive 653,000 now.

“The overall increase in coverage means that our readership position is stronger than ever before,” says Sondre Gravir, CEO of Aftenposten.

This is good news for Aftenposten, which will soon be offering its subscribers access to all its digital platforms at the same time as the media house introduces a subscription scheme for Aftenposten’s frequent digital users.