Published 2018-01-18

Introducing Premium Norge – a joint Norwegian advertising product

Schibsted and TV2 have taken the first step toward breaking down the media house silos, by signing a groundbreaking agreement to establish data collaboration.

Together with Norwegian commercial broadcaster TV2 and the media group Polaris Media, Schibsted Media, wanted to give advertisers back some of the insight into what they are actually paying for – through knowledge and transparency in the newly launched Premium Norge ad product.

“As the name reflects, we have created a first-class Norwegian advertising product. Premium Norge uses high quality Norwegian data that can be used across the largest websites in Norway,” says Per Håkon Fasting, advertising director at Schibsted Media.

Simplicity ensures transparency

The three media houses encourage all advertisers to request Premium Norge from their media agencies. They also recommend all media agencies to familiarise themselves with the new product quickly so they can offer it to their customers.

Shopping quality data – easier than ever

Per Håkon Fasting compares Premium Norge with a shopping mall consisting of Norwegian brands where each shop represents a specific target group; families with children, car owners, people from a specific city, globetrotters etc. Here, advertisers can shop for accurate audience data, the selection is very wide, everything is transparent and carried out within safe limits The shopping center is both operated and supervised by Schibsted, Polaris Media and TV2.

“We believe that both advertisers and media agencies will see the effect of buying Premium Norge. We also believe that this product can pave the way for increased cooperation between Norwegian media companies, as well as benefiting Norwegian advertisers and competition in the market,” says Per Håkon Fasting.