Published 2015-09-16

Introducing Schibsted Spain’s corporate channels

Schibsted Spain has launched new corporate channels with the aim of increasing brand awareness and creating synergies among its product brands.

Schibsted Spain has launched a new corporate website and social media profiles as part of its corporate communications strategy. The company has also released a new video featuring its contribution to improving peoples’ lives by offering unique opportunities thanks to Schibsted Spain’s broad marketplace offers.

The new website has been developed with the goal of boosting Schibsted Spain’s corporate brand presence, contributing to connect the different brands; and, as well as reinforcing the company’s positioning as an attractive place to work.

 “Since we have marketplaces with different brands in Spain, our new Schibsted Spain corporate site offers the opportunity of creating synergies between all of them, as well as sharing our vision and end benefits with our stakeholders”, said Carmen Limia, Marketing Director in Schibsted Spain.

Among its features, the new corporate site includes a Press Room, where users can find latest press releases, interesting news, graphic materials, media resources and photos.

The site also has a special section with the company’s updated figures of each of its marketplaces, and another area dedicated to attracting the best talent, with latest job opportunities for Schibsted Spain and Schibsted Media Group.

Schibsted Spain going social

Social media is also one of the core pillars of Schibsted Spain’s communication strategy. The group’s different brands already have a very well established social media presence in Spain, with a global community of more than 900.000 users (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+).

The company has recently launched its corporate social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, with latest content updates targeting professionals and specialized audiences.

Schibsted Spain’s social media profiles are an ideal channel to share knowledge, promote employees’ visibility and create engagement, both within the company and the general audience.


Along with its new communication channels, Schibsted Spain has also released a corporate video where it shares its global vision: to be the marketplace that improves peoples’ lives by offering users opportunities through Segundamano, InfoJobs, Fotocasa, and Milanuncios’ websites and apps.

The video is available on the company’s websiste and YouTube channel. You can also watch it here: