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Published 2022-12-06

It’s time to reveal Schibsted Future Report 2023

How can we spur innovation when times are tough? Will crypto survive the winter and revolutionise our trading system? And what will happen if China really wins the tech war?

Schibsted’s Future Report is our annual outlook on trends within tech, people and business, where employees across Schibsted’s family of digital brands contribute to boil down the most important ideas and insights for the coming year. The focus for this year’s report is “Innovating in tough times” – something we are used to within our family of digital brands.  How does Schibsted meet and handle the speed of change in the world of tech, innovation and business?

“I think the most important thing is to recognise the difference between cyclical and structural changes. Think of it as the difference between a storm and climate change: A storm will pass, while climate change is a lasting and fundamental form of change,” says Schibsted CEO, Kristin Skogen Lund.

“In Schibsted, we have always tried to view rough seas as an opportunity, whether made rougher due to passing storms, climate change, or both. Because the thing about rough seas is that so long as you have a good ship, are well-prepared, have all hands on-deck, and truly know how to navigate – rough seas are an opportunity for speed, distance and discovery.”

When we launch the report today at the startup community Mesh in Oslo and via livestream, we’ll host an assortment of Schibsted people to share their knowledge on working within innovation.

Schibsted Future Report Trends 2023
Schibsted Future Report takes the temperature on tech, people and business trends, and tells stories like how Formula 1 turned crisis into success and how our newspapers have now incorporated it into their product offering. We also take you to the sustainable future where storytelling as a vision becomes more important. And not least – CRISPR – we have the key to code our genes, but how can we use it?
These are some key reads that you will find in this year’s report:

Watch our launch – Innovating in tough times

The webinar will be streamed live this morning, 6th December, at 08.30 – 10:00 a.m from Mesh Youngstorget in Oslo. It is hosted by Aftenposten Junior Editor-in-Chief Mari Midtstigen, and you will meet several key Schibsted employees working with innovation on stage.

Read more about the event here. 

For more information:

Contact information:

  • Ann Axelsson, Editor-in-Chief Future Report, Schibsted, ann.axelsson@schibsted.com, +46 70 635 65 13
  • Nathalie Kåvin, Head of Brand Global Brand, Schibsted, nathalie.kavin@schibsted.com, +47 934 01 363