Published 2015-12-15

Jan Helin leaves Aftonbladet and Schibsted

Aftonbladet’s publisher and Business Area Manager in Schibsted Publishing Jan Helin has been appointed Sveriges Television’s new Director of Programming. 

Jan Helin took over as editor-in-chief and managing publisher for Aftonbladet in 2008 and as CEO of the media house in 2012.

“I’m extremely proud of and grateful for having had the opportunity to lead the team at Aftonbladet. The journey we have made together in Aftonbladet is one we will remember for the rest of our lives. Part of my job is to acknowledge when the time is right to bow out. I received an exciting offer from SVT to join them and take the public service of the future in a direction where I know that Aftonbladet is now well positioned with people who are ready to take the next step,” says Helin.

Schibsted Sverige’s CEO and Aftonbladet’s Board Chair Raoul Grünthal:

“Aftonbladet would not have held the position it enjoys today without Jan Helin’s visionary leadership. Jan Helin has worked hard and tirelessly to make Aftonbladet Sweden’s leading online news source and one of Sweden’s most profitable media houses. The position Aftonbladet now holds is unique, even by international standards.”

Editor-in-Chief Sofia Olsson Olsén has been appointed acting managing editor and acting managing publisher for Aftonbladet. Raoul Grünthal will temporarily take over as CEO of Aftonbladet and Business Area Manager in Schibsted Publishing. The temporary appointments will take immediate effect. The objective is to present permanent appointments to the above positions during Q1 2016.

Schibsted Media Group’s CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal:

“I would like to thank Jan Helin for his outstanding contributions to Aftonbladet and Schibsted Media Group over the years. I wish him the best of luck in the future.”