Published 2014-10-14

Join Blocket’s Second-hand Challenge

Blocket encourages everybody to change personal consumption patterns and contribute to improving the environment.

“In Sweden we consume as if we had three planets, and that is not sustainable. Second-hand trading is one way of reducing our consumption. The volume of greenhouse gases saved every year by second-hand trading via Blocket is equivalent to the volume that would be saved if all the roads throughout the country stood still for one month,” says Anna Backe, Head of Marketing at Blocket.

They say it usually takes 21 days to break a habit. The aim of the Second-hand Challenge is to alter your consumption patter and contribute to a better environment.

If you accept the challenge, you must avoid buying new items for three weeks – except for grocery items such as food, shampoo, travel cards, of course.

Anything else can be borrowed, swapped or bought second-hand. And if you want to get rid of something, give it away or sell it.

Sign up at Millions of people will thank you!

When you add a hashtag to your postings on Instagram and Twitter, they will appear on the campaign website.