Published 2021-02-01

Kristin Skogen Lund becomes the first female President of EUTA

Magdalena Piech has been reconfirmed as Chair of the Alliance


The 2021 leadership elections for the European Tech Alliance (EUTA) have concluded and we are pleased to announce that Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO of Schibsted, has become the first female President of the EUTA. Magdalena Piech, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Allegro, was elected as Chair of the Alliance for a third mandate.

Kristin Skogen Lund has been at the helm of Schibsted for the last two years and holds a wealth of experience in the world of European tech. During the EUTA’s recent 5-year anniversary, Kristin featured on our panel alongside top EU policymakers and fellow EUTA executives. Speaking at the event, she made reference to the importance of collaboration, both between the private sector and the EU institutions, as well as through industry alliances such as the EUTA. Looking ahead, Kristin has expressed her desire to use her experience and expertise to drive the ambitious goals of the EUTA as the leading voice of European scaleups:

“I am thankful for the trust bestowed upon me and excited about this opportunity to help drive the EUTA’s agenda forward. There are several milestones ahead of us, not least within policy and regulation, and I think the European tech community can really make an impact when we pull together. I look forward to delving into each member’s priorities and working with the members and the Chair, Magdalena Piech, to make a difference for European tech companies. In an ever changing world, there has never been a better time to build trust and excitement around the thriving European tech scene. Tech drives the change around us, and that is why the voice of tech needs to be heard.”

Building on her successful stewardship of the Alliance, Magdalena Piech has been re-elected as Chair. Throughout the last year, Magdalena continued to supervise and manage the activities of the EUTA including all monthly meetings and key events, albeit virtually. In addition to representing the EUTA at the 5-year anniversary, Magdalena intends to continue the hard work of driving engagement and ensuring productive discussions among EUTA members on policy issues of critical importance for the entire sector:

“I greatly welcome the opportunity to work alongside Kristin, the CEO of Schibsted and the new President of our Alliance. Together, I believe we will achieve much for the members of the EUTA and the entire EU tech scale-up ecosystem. The Alliance’s mission of voicing the needs and telling the stories of EU tech scaleups, ensuring a level playing field for all, and shaping the regulatory debate, is as important as ever. We have a lot to accomplish, and I look forward to working with you all this year.”

As the EUTA welcomes its new leadership, we are presented with a suitable moment to reflect on our past. The EUTA would like to extend its sincere gratitude to Gianpiero Lotito, CEO of FacilityLive for his years of dedication as President of the Alliance and for his important achievements in promoting the EUTA and its interests throughout the media.

The EUTA welcomes and looks forward to working closely with the new Portuguese presidency of the European Council and the European Parliament towards the ambitions of the European Union’s digital decade and recovery efforts. EUTA members, together with their new leadership, will continue to promote the voices of European tech champions and shape our digital future.

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