Published 2016-02-12

Leboncoin celebrates 10 years of success

Leboncoin celebrates its 10th anniversary by moving forward with a new visual identity, new multi-device compatibility and a customized advertising offer.

Leboncoin, based on the Swedish website, was launched in 2006, with two employees and a simple yet original concept “the best deal is just around the corner”.

Within a decade, leboncoin has become a household name, shared and appreciated by millions. Through the years the website has turned into a social phenomenon: 96 percent of French people know about leboncoin and 73 percent use it.

A new brand identity

As a leader in its field, leboncoin keeps innovating, starting by introducing a new logo and a new look and feel. This make-over is an evolution, not a revolution, respectful of the core values of the brand. The logo is familiar and warm thanks to the website’s favorite color; orange.

Across all devices

Leboncoin is now part of colloquial French language, part of everyday life. As an innovator and a key player in the digital landscape, leboncoin is providing the same user experience on the web and across all devices via the iOS/android app, already downloaded 18 million times.

This new user experience comes along with new personalization options:

  • An integrated messenger system for sellers and buyers
  • A profile page
  • The possibility to search with geo-localization and define an area based on kilometers
  • Buyers can now rate sellers, create groups according to their tastes and interests.
  • Classifieds will now be saved simultaneously on all devices

Commited to employment

Leboncoin, with its 23 million unique visitors, wants to play an important part in the employment field. The new customized offers are aimed at covering all the needs of recruiters.

  • Support the small businesses that need to recruit quickly and have no dedicated budget
  • Offer a competitive and efficient recruitment service for medium-sized businesses
  • Provide a solution adapted to the needs of large companies with many positions to fill

As far as candidates are concerned, searching, applying and getting in touch with recruiters will remain as simple has it has always been, but they will now be able to search more efficiently thanks to the geo-localization option