Published 2014-03-17

Let’s Deal breaks the billion barrier

It’s finally happened: the Schibsted company Let’s Deal has saved Swedes one billion kroner.

Since its launch four years ago, the company has published 12,285 offers and sold more than two million deals..

On Friday 14 March the company broke the billion-kroner barrier; 4,189 companies have now sold two million deals since March 2010 when Alexander Hars and Lars Karlsson started Let’s Deal.

70 percent of Let’s Deal customers buying products, services, and travel are women and 30 percent are men. The average age is 37, and most customers live in the cities. Let’s Deal is now up and running in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Linköping, Norrköping and Uppsala.

“It took us only three months to save the first million: today we achieve that
in less than 24 hours,” says founder and CEO Alexander Hars, and adds: “With our model, everyone’s a winner: the companies win new customers and the consumers save money when they discover new favorite places.”

Alexander Hars, CEO, and Lars Karlsson, CTO, founders of Let’s Deal.

Some deals are more popular than others:

• 36,738 have struck good deals on hamburgers at McDonalds and Burger King
• 13,176 have struck good deals on children’s products at
• 14,294 have bought ceramic knife sets

Tuesday is the day when most Swedes take up offers. Which offers catch on with customers varies between the cities. In Gothenburg they like coffee breaks and lunches. In Stockholm it’s events and experiences. In Linköping, appearances matter, so dental examinations and tattoos are high on the list. In Norrköping, the favorites are burgers from Burger King and, rather surprisingly, horseback rides on Icelandic horses. Malmö’s inhabitants like burgers, too, but prefer bowling to horse riding.

Otherwise, tech gadgets and headphones are popular everywhere, and weekend city breaks are the most popular travel offers.

Here are Let’s Deal’s top five categories:

1. Restaurants, cafés
2. Beauty (massages and treatments)
3. Home interior
4. Mobile device accessories
5. Experiences and events

Some of the more eccentric deals the company has offered include:

Buy a Lord or Lady title
Zombie apocalypse escape in a 6,000 sq. m. derelict mining complex
The pillow that lets you sleep anywhere