Published 2014-12-11

Let’s deal’s fundraising event for childrens’ rights

Let’s Deal in Sweden organized an clearance sale event where members could by Christmas presents and at the same time raise money for BRIS.

Christmas time is considered family time. However, a lot of children are not so lucky to enjoy that typical cozy, familiar Christmas spirit. Therefore, in late November, Let’s deal held a clearance sale event in Gothenburg with two purposes; to give Let’s deal-members a chance to buy their Christmas gifts at a cheap price, while at the same time raise funds for the organization BRIS – Barnens rätt i samhället (Children’s rights in society).

Approximately 500 Let’s deal-members participated at the clearance sales event on 26 November. The tickets sold out in about an hour. There was a long line outside before the event opened, with members looking forward to lots of long tables loaded with fine products from The prices were heavily reduced from the previous deal prices, which meant that many members bargained their Christmas presents (for both themselves and others) even before the Christmas month had actually started.

Patrik Sjöberg

Besides buying presents, the members also contributed to Let’s deal’s fundraising for BRIS. During the evening one of Bris’ ambassadors – former high jumping elite athlete Patrik Sjöberg – held, along with Let’s deals CEO Alexander Hars – two auctions from which the money donated went to BRIS.

“I’m starting a bid of SEK 500,” exclaimed Patrik Sjöberg when the first auction started, which landed SEK 3000 to BRIS.

Two satisfied members left the event each with a large box of products. Pia, a member of Let’s deal, and Anette from Sankt Jörgen Spa (also selling spa products at the event) both agreed that the best part of the auction was that the money went directly to the NGO.

Let’s deal collected a total of SEK 25 000 for BRIS during the clearance sales event.

“I know that the money goes directly to where it’s needed. We should care about everyone in society. With my personal background in mind, I know how vulnerable you can be as a child. Therefore it feels important for me to continue promoting childrens’ rights,” Patrik Sjöberg said.

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