Published 2014-05-13

Media Awards for VG, BT and Aftenposten is named Website of the Year by the Norwegian Media Association. VG won seven awards in the ceremony at the Nordic Media Festival in Bergen.

Aftenposten received the award for Sports Page of the Year.

“I am both impressed and inspired by all the great journalism that was honored at the awards ceremony. I am proud of our media houses that deliver such important quality journalism, and I congratulate all the award winners,” said CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

For BT it was quite special to win the award after a year in which the media house has introduced user payment for digital content and placing a lot of effort on large digital projects.

“I think we are receiving this award because our focus on quality online journalism. This is an award we have wanted to win for many years but have never won before,” says Editor-in-Chief Gard Steiro.

Website of the Year:

The Website of the Year has in recent years taken major digital steps. All parts of the digital toolbox are used to tell the stories in new and exciting ways. In 2013, some of the strongest stories have been best told digitally. A long tradition with a strong focus on design is continued to the digital surfaces, which gives the website a modern and smart appearance.

National Online Newspaper of the Year: VG

VG impresses with its focus areas and are experts at facilitating changes in the use of media and keeping a constant focus on constant news coverage in addition to being at the forefront of innovation. VG has a wide range of products and is a leader in news reporting. Ambitious and fresh, but never without nerve and charm. VG masters all digital surfaces and challenges the traditional presentation. The future will not be the same without it!

This year’s innovation: VG’s coverage of the Chess World Championship

Even without the rights to broadcast the games, VG managed to engage people and create chess fever in the country. Live studio with continuous text updates, chat, integration, a chess computer that calculated the probability of win/loss/next move and guests in the studio made ​​VG chess broadcasts perceived as complete even without actually airing the matches. This should inspire all media companies to think differently and focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do/show.

News Story of the Year

Bergens Tidende “Janne’s Story”

If one single story blew us away last year, it was this one . It is long, it is painful, it is important. Important because it speaks of the weak in society, of those who fall between the cracks . It’s important also because it shows a trace of the future of journalism. Janne’s Story is so much more than an ordinary article. Private pictures, letters, grade cards, sound files, video and an amazing pen wrapped in a wonderful digital presentation captivated us and caused a sharing in social media we have rarely seen before. Congratulations, BT!

VG “Never Convicted”

An unimaginable and powerful story that hits the viewer like a punch in the stomach. This is both painful and important at the same time. Even with little imagery the story stands as a rock throughout the entire article. The interaction with all the editorial rooms in VG makes the story so powerful that it actually became an important contribution to passing a law amendment. This is great journalism, this is journalism that set agenda and create change. This is VG at its very best!

Newspaper Magazine of the Year: VG Helg

Front Page of the Year: VG

Magazine Cover of the Year: VG Helg

Feature page of the Year: VG Helg

Sports Page of the Year: Aftenposten

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