Published 2015-03-26 Breakfast at your door

By making use of its unique newspaper distribution network, Distribution Innovation is redefining the home delivery market in Norway.

Distribution Innovation was awarded The Innovation of the Year award at Schibsted Consumer Sales Awards 2015 in Stockholm for the new product called is a website that offers topical, high quality consumer products such as fresh local breakfasts based on ecological products, quality coffee beans and tea, chocolate, newspapers, magazines and books.

If the consumers place their orders before 21:00 hrs, they will receive the products, freshly delivered at their front door early the next morning, seven days a week.

The products are delivered using the same distribution network as for the newspapers and magazines that Distribution Innovation delivers, and there is no subscription attached to purchasing.

Typical example – topical

“On 17 March the independent chocolate brand Hval appeared in a documentary on the national broadcaster NRK. The day after, contacted Hval, and the very same day we could offer their chocolate among the selection on our website,” says Anette Alnes, project manager and head of

Future plans can deliver to all households in the Oslo and adjoining Akershus districts, which cover about 590,000 inhabitants. Local enthusiasts in the Stavanger, Bergen, Østfold and Gudbrandsdalen regions have also expressed a wish to expand the service to these areas.

“Distribution Innovation is now working to further develop the current prototype and service into a stand-alone platform for on-demand distribution of consumer products,” Alnes says.

“Our philosophy is that if you take something old (the distribution), something new (the website), something borrowed (cooperate with both inside and outside resources) and something blue (create enthusiasm for the product), hopefully this will give Schibsted Media Group an extra penny in her shoe,” Alnes explains, adding:

“With we have created a platform to communicate with the end-users which will give us firsthand experience in what brings them value. This gives us an unique opportunity to develop the technology that the customer wants.”