Published 2014-12-19

Nominations for Schibsted Sales Awards 2015

The nominees in each of the five categories in Schibsted Sales Awards 2015 are now official. Find out who are moving on to the finals in Stockholm 30 January.

The 40 companies participating gave the selection committee many submitted proposal nominations to go through. Competition was tough, but nowthe nominees for Schibsted Sales Awards 2015 are identified. #SSA15

“You have shown fantastic results, great cases and worked hard. Competition has been tough, and you are the ones who have proven to be among the very best,” says Kathrine Brøsholen,VP Sales development, Schibsted Media Group.

Katrine Brøsholen, VP Sales development in Schibsted Media Group, surprised VG with several nominations.

The following are nominated for the Schibsted Sales Awards 2015:

Sales Person of the Year

  • Katrine Torkildsby-Reine, VG
  • Simen Holen, Aftenposten
  • Christina Roca, Aftonbladet
  • Ragnhild Kræmer, E24
  • Lidia Laserna, InfoJobs Spain
  • Stefan Woller, Willhaben

Clockwise from left: Katrine, Christina, Ragnhild, Lidia, Stefan and Simen.

Sales Manager of the Year

  • Julia Randow, Let’s Deal Norge
  • Dennis Brambeck, Aftonbladet
  • Anette Syversen, FINN
  • Michael Hili, SvD
  • Fabien Scolan, Leboncoin

From left: Fabien Scolan, Dennis Brambeck, Anette Syversen, Michael Hili and Julia Randow.

Category: Sales Team of the Year

  • Willhaben Real estate team
  • Team shopping, Let’s Deal Norge
  • Key Account/Strategic team, InfoJobs Spain
  • SMB Team, Mitt Anbud
  • FINN Motor

Teams clockwise from left: Mitt Anbud, FINN Motor, Let’s Deal, InfoJobs (middle) and Willhaben.

Sales Organization of the Year

  • Let’s Deal Sverige
  • InfoJobs Spain
  • VG
  • Leboncoin
  • Aftonbladet
  • Bergens Tidende

Clockwise from left: Let’s Deal, InfoJobs, Aftonbladet, Leboncoin, Bergens Tidende and VG.

Sales Performance of the Year

  • FINN Eiendom, the scenario project
  • VG and FINN, the Citroën case
  • FINN Team Gardr
  • Gøril Karlsen and Thomas Christiansen, VG Lista
  • Simen Holen, Erlend Grinna and Juliane Manica, Urban Development case
  • Staffan Engström, Schibsted Sales & Inventory, Digital map

Clockwise from left: Staffan, Simen, Juliane and Erlend, Gøril and Thomas, FINN Eiendom, FINN Team Gardr, Nina and Terje.