Published 2015-09-15

Øyulf Hjertenes new editor-in-chief in Bergens Tidende

The board of Bergens Tidende (BT) has appointed Øyulf Hjertenes (36) to succeed Gard Steiro as new editor-in-chief. Hjertenes is currently development editor in BT, with responsibility for development and strategy projects. 

“Øyulf Hjertenes knows the challenges BT faces better than just about anyone else, and I am convinced that he has all the qualities needed to take western Norway’s biggest media house into an exciting, digital future,” says board chair Didrik Munch.

Øyulf Hjertenes joined BT in 2003 and has since held several positions within the media house, including journalist, assistant editor, news editor and managing editor. He has been deputy editor-in-chief since 2015.

“Øyulf has demonstrated sound leadership qualities in the various roles he has had in BT. He enjoys widespread confidence within the media house, has broad journalism experience, and has always worked closely with the communities that have shaped  the digital media products of the future. He is a modern-day media leader,” says Munch.

Hjertenes hails originally from Florø in Sogn and Fjordane. He holds a master’s degree in business and economics from the Norwegian School of Economics, and has previously worked as a journalist in Dagbladet, Bergensavisen and Firdaposten.

“Bergens Tidende holds a strong position in Bergen and in western Norway. The journalism we deliver has perhaps never been better or more important than it is today. BT will continue to highlight the big and important stories in our region. We will continue to be a critical voice in the national debate,” says Hjertenes.

Like other media houses, Bergens Tidende is in the middle of a digital transformation.

“The biggest changes still lie ahead. BT’s editorial desk has many talented, fearless and ambitious journalists. We are well placed to succeed in the years to come. It will be interesting and challenging to lead the media house in a time of major upheaval in technology and media habits. My ambition is to ensure that BT also plays a key role in western Norway in the digital future.”