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Published 2022-05-31

Paving the way for the future with Schibsted Future Report Roadshow

At two events we have shared insights on the metaverse, how to predict future trends and the need for AI to be human. Be on the lookout for our next stop on the Schibsted Future Report Nordic roadshow, in Stockholm.

During the spring, the Schibsted Future Report Roadshow started its tour of several Nordic countries, and so far it’s been an inspiring success. Partnered with the Mesh Community, we’ve seen Schibsted’s own talent up on stage, sharing their knowledge of what to expect in the future of tech, business and media. The close-knit events allowed for proper communication with the attendees, fostering not just knowledge, but connection as well. 

The Schibsted Future Report is our look into the future, a chance for the expert knowledge within the Schibsted family to be shared with the world. Examining evolving trends and looking at where we’ll be in one, five, or ten years from now. Taking that concept on the road, we invited several of our professional colleagues to take the stage. 

From Schibsted’s Tech Experiments team, Christopher Robert Fieldhouse Pearsell-Ross and Anders Grimstad told us about how they use foresight, futures and speculative design to explore emerging technologies and social trends. For our events, they covered the much-discussed metaverse – what it is and how we can tackle the challenges and opportunities it brings. If you want to further deep-dive into the metaverse, check out our Schibsted Talks episode on the topic, where Anders Grimstad shares his thoughts.

Zuzanna Zygadlo-Stenberg, Technology Strategy Lead at Schibsted, dove into one of our most exciting futurist projects called “Horizon,” in collaboration with the Future Today Institute. It examines how Schibsted works as a company to meet future trends and world scenarios – such as the metaverse.

Also joining us were two of Schibsted’s startups: Fixrate in Trondheim and Firi in Oslo! Both of these fintech startups talked about how they joined the Schibsted family and all that it entails. They also showed us what they do and how they look at the future, Fixrate, by working to simplify large bank deposits, and Firi, making cryptocurrency available to everyone. 

Agnes Stenbom, Responsible Data & AI specialist at Schibsted, joined us in Trondheim to discuss why working with AI requires us to be more human than ever, and in Oslo, we were joined by Karl Oskar Teien, Director of Products, and Lena Beate Pedersen, Product Manager, who presented how they are working with artificial intelligence as a new and cutting-edge way to consume news articles.

The Schibsted Future Report Roadshow will be back again in September, for visits to both Stockholm and Copenhagen – we look forward to seeing you there! Until then, take the opportunity to read the Schibsted Future Report 2022, which you can find right here