Published 2015-04-22

Premiere of Schibsted Talks

Schibsted Talks is a web TV program that allows you to meet and listen to some of the engaging people who work in Schibsted Media Group. First out is our CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

Schibsted Media Group is one of the world’s leading digital media groups. We are entrepreneurs, journalists, sales people, developers, engineers, marketers, leaders and visionaries – and we have a lot to say.

Today we are launching Schibsted Talks, a web TV program that gives you the chance to get to know and listen to some of the engaging people in the Schibsted Media Group.

“One of the biggest benefits of working in Schibsted is the opportunity to meet so many talented and motivated people. Working together with a team, I find myself incredibly motivated,” says CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal in the premiere video.

7,000 employees – and personal stories

Today, Schibsted Media Group has operations in more than thirty countries. From Mexico to Malaysia, Schibsted engages over 200 million users. Almost 7,000 people work in the Group, which has quickly grown into a driving force in digital transformation. And every one of these persons has their own story.

“In the Schibsted Talks program, we highlight some of the exciting people in Schibsted Media Group,” says Lena K Samuelsson, Executive Vice President Communications and CSR. “They share their thoughts about the future, about building culture and creating the conditions for innovation, and they also talk about their personal motivations.”

The first video is an interview with CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal. The following episode will turn the attention to Italy and Melany Libraro, CEO of Schibsted’s classifieds site

“The idea is to interview people from different countries with different assignments within the Group. We want to highlight employees who can convey our strategy in a good way and provide different perspectives and insights,” says Samuelsson.

The idea is just that: to offer new perspectives and new ideas in a simple way.

“Schibsted Talks is a stripped-down, curiosity-driven, simple format where we just let people talk, which hopefully will be experienced as a bit liberating in the complex world we live in,” says Samuelsson.

An opportunity to meet and connect

As a global player, Schibsted Media Group must constantly find new opportunities to meet for employees in the different countries. This is something that has become much easier thanks to rapid digital developments.

“With employees in almost thirty countries, you need to find the right tools to meet and connect. Digital platforms give us this opportunity, both internally and externally,” says Samuelsson. “It’s extremely fun to work with these videos. Employees are open and generous, and happy to share their thoughts. I think this is a testament to our culture within Schibsted.”

“With Schibsted Talks, we wanted to follow up on the success of the first Schibsted Future Report, in which we shared our thoughts about the future with a new approach to increased openness and transparency in Schibsted Media Group,” Samuelsson concludes. 

See the trailer video: