Published 2015-06-16

Rian Liebenberg joins Schibsted Media Group’s management team

Leading the effort in technology and platformization that Schibsted is undertaking, Group CTO Rian Liebenberg is joining the Group’s top management team.

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“I am happy to welcome Rian to the Group management team. His unique experience, strong competence and deep technological insight are important contributions to Schibsted’s digital transformation,” says CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

As CTO, Rian Liebenberg leads the great effort in technology and platformization that Schibsted is now undertaking. He’s building central teams in London, Oslo, Barcelona and Stockholm that are working closely with the Group’s divisions and companies.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Group management team. It is testament to how important technology is to Schibsted and our future. Being part of the management team will help ensure we remain focused on delivering great products to our users and advertisers,” says Rian Liebenberg.

Rian Liebenberg was born in South Africa in 1972. He has a background as top tech executive in Google where he led the work to establish R&D and product presence in Europe, and also directly led and helped build and scale up many of Google’s core products, including AdSense, Chrome’s WebRTC Web standards initiative, Google Hangouts, and Google Talk, among other initiatives. Liebenberg has also been the CEO of start-up Recce. He therefore brings unique experience and strong technology product leadership to Schibsted’s management team.

“Schibsted is at the forefront of the digital business and during the last year I have gotten to know a truly great company and many inspiring people. I’ve had the opportunity to add people with new competencies and international expertise to the team and we have built our new hub in London. Together we have launched several big initiatives and started moving Schibsted to the next level. 

“I am deeply passionate about building products that help make the world a better place, and making large amounts of disparate data and knowledge around the world usable and useful. Schibsted is uniquely positioned to offer an abundance of interesting challenges in this space, in a global market, and I’m excited at the prospect of helping the Group and their companies lead the way in digital content and services,” says Rian Liebenberg.

 “The strategic impact of this effort is fundamental and I’m looking forward to work even closer with Rian in these very exciting times for Schibsted Media Group”, says Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

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