Published 2019-03-15

Sales Awards 2019 – Schibsted celebrates its best salespeople

The 12th Schibsted Sales Awards took place in Svalbard 13-15th March.

Congratulations to Nina Helén Feyling Pedersen from Norway for winning Schibsteds Sales Person of the Year. All photos: Kilian Munch.

More than 70 salespeople from Schibsted’s companies participated to celebrate the best salespeople and teams from 2018. The program was once again devoted to celebrating our victories and excellent sales performances in Schibsted’s energetic sales culture style.

This year, there were five categories in the competition:

  • Sales Person of the Year
  • Sales Manager of the Year
  • Performance of the Year
  • Sales Team of the Year
  • Cross-Functional Team of the Year

Here are the winners for each category and the jury’s motivation:

Sales Person of the Year: Nina Helén Feyling Pedersen from Norway

During what could be defined as a lifetime in Schibsted, she has sold ads for over 63 million Euros. She has managed the art of changing, adapting to the digital transformation together with the organization. In 2018 Sales Person of the Year almost doubled her revenue. She has dared to challenge the customer several times and has made suggestions on how Schibsted’s product portfolio can be utilized in an even smarter way. With years of experience, she shares her wisdom and knowledge with her colleagues and this makes her an important resource. There are not many employees today who, after 23 years in the same organization, can stand with tears in their eyes and say “I love my job, VG and Schibsted.”

Sales Manager of the Year: Max Jansson from Sweden

Sales Manager of the year is the type of leader we want more of in the Schibsted group. The ability to inspire, develop and challenge is absolutely outstanding. Apart from that, he has a warm personality and a person that sales representative has full confidence in. No matter what happens he always stays on track towards his goals.

Performance of the Year: Volvo Attribution, FINN – Norway

This year’s Performance of the Year shows, in a good and understandable way, the value of the different exposures in the digital customer journey.

The case shows that insight and analysis can provide revenue and effect. The learning from the case has been crucial, and we have also done further analysis and break- downs to find more solid arguments to use Schibsted in the media mix. This is the first time such an analysis has been done for the automotive market, however, much of the thinking and analysis can be transferred to other capital intensive goods.

Sales Team of the Year: Team FMCG – Norway

“This year’s Sales Team of the Year has during the last two years doubled their revenue and is predicted to exceed the budget by 30% in 2018. The main reasons behind these great results are that the team managed to increase the number of clients with spend, in addition to increasing the spend with already existing clients. The Team achieved this by increasing meeting activity to well over 400 qualitative meetings during the first 10 months of the year.

Cross-Functional Team of the Year: Christmas in Bergen – Norway

In the category of “Cross-functional team of the year” we focus on the team succeeding with something exceptional, and this team has definitely done so. The team containing nine (!) different units has shown us the enormous force we have within Schibsted when we use and mobilize our resources in the right way.

With a splendid achievement from all the units involved, they have managed to present an amazing result for both Schibsted and the customers. Regained relationships and new biz at its best, they have made something that is possible to repeat, copy, scale up and down and all around for inspiration to all Schibsted.