Published 2016-01-28

Schibsted a “natural force in the media and communications industry”

Mediabemanning’s media industry report for 2016 has named Schibsted Media Group Norway’s most appealing company.

The report (Bransjerapporten) is the result of an online survey that has been conducted by the Norwegian recruitment agency Mediabemanning since 2009. The report for 2016 was presented in Oslo on 28 January 2016.

“Schibsted is a natural force in the Norwegian media and communications industry. When we look at all the group’s brands combined, there is no doubt that they are the most attractive group in the industry. Vitality, technology and social mission are keywords which I think appeal to many people,” says Ole A Janzso in Mediabemanning. “Schibsted is clearly taking on global actors like Facebook and Google under the catchword of media diversity, and that is probably arousing a lot of sympathy and interest.”

Schibsted Norway comes out top in the ranking of the most appealing groups in Norway, followed by Aegis, Try and Egmont.

The report states:

“For people working in advertising, communication and media, Schibsted is more attractive than brands like, Aftenposten or VG, which ranked further down the list. Although the Schibsted brand must concede the top position as an individual workplace in our industry, it reigns supreme as a group.”

Here are the top five most attractive workplaces in Norway according to Mediabemanning’s media industry report:

  1. Trigger
  2. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
  3. Schibsted
  4. TV2
  5. Try Reklame

Last year Schibsted was ranked as the most attractive workplace in Norway by Mediabemanning.