Published 2014-11-25

Schibsted among most powerful in the retail industry

This year’s list of the most powerful people, companies and events in Sweden’s retail industry contains two people and one company from Schibsted.

Every year the trade journal Market publishes a list of the most powerful people, companies and events in the Swedish retail industry.

This year, the growth company Prisjakt ranked number 11 on the list and Blocket‘s CEO Jan Prokopec ranked number 12. Fashion personality, creative director for Schibsted’s Theyouway, writer and blogger Sofi Fahrman ranked number 26.

“It’s fantastic that Prisjakt is acknowledged as an important actor in the retail industry. Together with our users and stores, we’ve spent years building an independent high-quality service that has helped consumers make informed purchase decisions. Today we have more than fifty employees working on data to make our service as accurate and as comprehensive as possible. They’re creating a unique database that enables Prisjakt to build the consumer services of tomorrow,” says Emil Hansson, CEO of Prisjakt.

“A new survey from Blocket shows that as many as seven out of ten Swedes already think about the second-hand market when buying new items. This means that Blocket already influences purchase decisions in the retail sector and DIY stores. We want the Swedish people to recycle more and to buy sustainable items that can find a new life in the second-hand market,” says Jan Prokopec, CEO of Blocket.

The full list contains 68 people, companies and events. Here are the top fifteen:

1. Jan Kristensson, CEO, Ikano Retail Centres
2. Per Strömberg, CEO, Ica Gruppen
3. Magdalena Andersson, Minister for Finance
4. Susanna Gideonsson, President, Commercial Employees’ Union
5. Stefan Ingves, Governor, Swedish Central Bank
6. Ica-Stig (character in ICA TV commercials)
7. Karl-Johan Persson, CEO, H&M
8. Google
9. Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister
10. Klas Balkow, CEO, Clas Ohlson
11. Prisjakt
12. Jan Prokopec, CEO, Blocket
13. Ulf Eklöf, owner, Stadium, various board appointments
14. Anders Sundström, President, Swedish Cooperative Union
15. Boris Lennerhov, CEO, Gekås