Published 2013-04-29

Schibsted Annual Editorial Report 2012

The 2012 report has special attention on the standard of ethics, journalistic methods, sources and editorial innovation in Schibsted’s media houses.

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Schibsted Media Group is presenting its Annual Editorial Report which focuses on the journalistic status of our media houses. The annual editorial report will contribute to increased transparency in Schibsted Media Group’s editorial activities.

“We firmly believe that increased transparency in journalism and journalistic methods will strengthen both the credibility and the public trust in media. Schibsted’s annual editorial report is a positive step in that direction,” CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal says.

The fundamental framework of the 2012 report includes newspaper circulation, readership and online users. It also includes reports on topics such as editorial responsibility, place of issue and publishing frequency. The report from each media house also includes a letter from the editor-in-chief regarding a topic of special interest.

“A clear mission for most of Schibsted’s media houses is to secure independent news reporting and support democracy. Our goal is to deliver high editorial quality,” says Bernt Olufsen, President of Schibsted Editors Forum.

All media houses comply with their national codes of ethics and take an active part in the system of self-regulation. Most media houses have an internal set of written guidelines and initiatives for educating editorial staff. There seem to be a very limited number of complaints, violations and court appearances. Also, Schibsted’s media houses are taking home an important amount of media awards, both at national and international levels.

The idea of publishing an annual editorial report has been firmly supported by Schibsted Media Group’s Board of Directors.

Editors Forum

The editors of Schibsted’s media houses meet twice a year in the Schibsted Editors Forum, discussing common challenges and possible solutions. The aim is to constantly increase the quality and standards of journalism within the Group. Schibsted Editors Forum also follows closely the developments of the digital media industry, discussing the need for special ethical guidelines in this field.