Published 2015-04-15

Schibsted centralizes programmatic and data products in Norway

The new unit will be responsible for Schibsted Ad Exchange and programmatic and audience targeting products for Schibsted Media Group’s Norwegian websites.

Arvid Cedergren will head the Programmatic and Data unit which is a part of the Schibsted Norge Advertising organization.

Cedergren comes from Webtraffic Norge/Schibsted Norge Sales. He has put together a team consisting of Kathrine Saastad from, who will be the new Product Manager for Schibsted’s premium products within programmatic, along with Fredrik Lidal and Anders Heli, also from Webtraffic, who will focus on Business Development and Audience products.

Schibsted will now be able to offer products for all the different parts of a media budget programmatically, from performance to branding in a safe environment on some of the largest websites in Norway.

“For us, programmatic buying has first and foremost always been a question of finding a new way to buy the same ad products as we always have sold within Schibsted. Obviously, our clients should also be able to buy branding and other types of campaigns programmatically. Therefore, it comes as a natural consequence that we now make our websites, sections and audiences available for programmatic buying as well, with a full transparency for the buyers,” says Cedergren.

In addition to offer all of Schibsted’s websites programmatically, the new unit will provide the advertisers the possibility to buy audience segments based on Schibsted’s user data programmatically.

“Schibsted has sold audiences for a long time, especially at Finn and Webtraffic, but not across all the Schibsted sites, and not programmatically. I believe that most of the buyers are just starting to really understand the value increase this data could provide to their campaigns. Programmatic buying is often driven by some kind of data, such as the advertiser’s own data, publisher data or data they buy from a third party. Hence, this is a natural step for us,” says Anders Heli, Data and Audience Manager in Schibsted Programmatic and Data.