Published 2014-09-04

Schibsted challenges with new concept

A powerful message about the future, innovation and people is the theme of Schibsted Media Group’s new communications concept “The Future is Now”. 

Schibsted focuses on people and innovation in new communication concept

“New ways of communicating highlight Schibsted as the international, dynamic and successful business it is. With ‘The Future is Now’, we want to both inspire and be thought provoking. There’s so much happening, it’s happening quickly and we’re at the heart of it,” says Lena K Samuelsson, Executive Vice President Communications and CSR, Schibsted Media Group.

Schibsted has actively taken a position as a driving force in the digital transformation, a business that remains true to its mission, but one that also dares to challenge, both itself and others. New thinking and energy for the future has taken Schibsted from being a Scandinavian media company to an international online business, present in 29 countries and a unique user base of nearly 200 million.

“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but we’re always looking forward. Schibsted is an inspirational meeting place for people, ideas and business. To underpin our message, we wanted to showcase all the creative and innovative people who work with us, and provide a sense of our pooled influence,” adds Samuelsson.

The new branding platform has been developed together with advertising agency BerntzonBylund, soon releasing the first results: a new visual profile, new website and updated communication tools. The Future is Now conveys the message of a business in constant development that creates digital products, services and smart solutions which all contribute to a more digitally integrated society. A company that listens, understands and acts based on people’s needs and changed behaviours.

“New technologies and data analysis are creating entirely new opportunities to develop products and experiences for consumers and advertisers. A new generation looks at the world through fresh eyes, and we want to meet their needs as users, entrepreneurs and employees. Everything’s changing, we’re changing – but we’re also driving that change,” adds Samuelsson.

The project has been under development for the past year and has involved several key people across Schibsted Media Group.

“Schibsted is of course a large company, but despite this it is permeated by drive and entrepreneurial spirit – and a realization that consumers and the outside world are moving at the speed of light,” says Hans Bylund, Creative Director at BerntzonBylund.

Lena K Samuelsson og Hans Bylund

“Schibsted really is a true “people’s company”, something that we have focused on in our work on the new communications platform.”

“The insight into a rapidly changing world – and Schibsted’s role in it – is the essence of this project.”

The brand platform will be introduced throughout the autumn.

“We’re launching a number of concepts and communication drivers which reinforces our position both internally and externally,” adds Samuelsson.

Contactperson: Lena K Samuelsson, mobile phone +46 705252275

New company presentation: The Future is Now