Published 2021-09-03

Schibsted invests in organic period products to support women around the world

SYD offers organic period products on subscription

In the photo: Therese Cappelen, Adriano Sanelli (SYD) and Kajsa Gatenbeck (Schibsted)

Schibsted is now investing in SYD as a part of its efforts to promote gender equality and sustainability in society. Launched on International Women’s Day on March 8 2021, SYD raised around SEK 10 million in total capital during the funding round, most of which comes from Schibsted. The investment will be used for SYD’s product development and marketing.

SYD offers organic period products on subscription. All of SYD’s products are free of toxic substances and colourants and designed with both function and aesthetics in mind. The company’s business model also includes close collaboration with Save the Children Sweden that involves donating SEK 3 from every bag sold to the organization’s work to make it possible for young women to go to school during their period in parts of the world where safe period protection is not available.

“The fact that Schibsted supports a period-care-company demonstrates the importance of what we do. A healthy period is not just an issue for women, it’s a human right,” says Therese Cappelen, COO and co-founder, SYD.

“We are of course delighted to begin working with Schibsted and learning from their vast knowledge of digital subscription services, customer acquisition and marketing. We know that Schibsted is skilled at building businesses over time,” says Adriano Sannelli, CEO and co-founder, SYD.

Founded on sustainable, profitable solutions

SYD’s production, packaging design and collaborations are founded on sustainable, profitable solutions aiming to make menstruation better for the 800 million people who have periods around the world. A menstrual cup will be launched shortly as well.

“It’s really important for us at Schibsted to invest in companies that stand for something we believe in, and supporting gender equality is a good example. Additionally, the company exhibits strong growth potential and has a solid business model to enable rapid scaling without compromising on quality or values. It will be exciting to help SYD grow further,” says Kajsa Gatenbeck, investment manager, Schibsted.

“Our collaboration with SYD is of great importance to us. Together, we have a focus on long-term sustainable initiatives, and these enable us to make an immediate and lasting difference on how menstruation affects access to education,” says Helena Thybell, Secretary General, Save the Children Sweden.

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